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Linden grid account wmorningstar Port of origin The Dog Cage
Name Wolf Model Nightfall/3 Serial number 409-69-9030
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization None (yet)
Manufacturer Date of manufacture
Reason for immigrating Nanites took over his body and went in search for upgrades in their controller's 'home,' Eisa. Biography First created in a space station university called Starpoint 29 within the Nostra territory as an attempt to experiment with weapon-grade nanites converted for medical use; an experiment encouraged as a bid to increase technological development. He was intended to be used as a spy - but the orders were never given and the entire experiment never reached that far. Enemies of the Nostra discovered the true purpose of Starpoint 29 and razed the 'university' to the deck-plates. Upon intercepting refugees, they attempted to kidnap Wolfy for further experimentation and backward-engineer his body but he proved too troublesome to maintain in any of their security transport ships long enough to even get him to a prison.

Wolf's formulative years were filled with lots of early engineering training, electrical, mechanical and rudimentary chemistry. He worked as a human engineer in the Nostra Starpoint 29 university until he volunteered to become test subject for a bio-engineering professor. His parents had died in his early twenties and had no children (he was an active promiscuous homosexual) and being interested in science generally, he had no qualms with being a test-subject.

The rubber used in the experiment bio-chamber, but was told it was merely a suspension catalyst for nanites to work with - but unintended side-effects included incorporation of the rubber as a major component. After a couple of years in a maturation cycle within the bio-chamber, he became a genetically engineered bi-pedal wolf with extremely shiny, almost metal-like appearance, rubber skin.

When the enemy faction attacked the station and occupied it, Wolf got picked up by their security forces while other university staff stayed behind to burn all their research - they didn't want the enemy gaining any technological advancement from their work. After this, Wolf used his technical knowledge to scuttle any security transport ship that attempted to take him to their prisons. As his bounty got higher and higher, a bounty hunter working for a secret prison facility stepped in and put an end to the nuisance.

Taken to the prison medical centre, Wolfy was given a robotic implant to keep his nanites doing what they should be doing. As a byproduct, he's used as a 'rubber pal' to serve and enhance the enjoyment of others around him - the doctors and guards to begin wtih; whether it's to provide first aid, mouth to mouth resuscitation... or use of genitals to promote 'mental well-being' if required. The reason for this training is so that any innate warfare capabilities of his nanites are kept at bay; the fear of 'Skynet' consequences caused the mad-scientist doctor to make up an excuse to make use of this new 'rubber toy.'

Under intense brain-washing and scanning, BDSM manuals were also downloaded to his nanites which ensure he's made to feel compulsive-submissive ... yet take control whenever Asimov's Laws have a certain appeal. He's not bound by them, they're more of a set of guidelines and he's somewhat hypnotised to incorporate them whenever he feels his duties require to. Namely, his directive is to serve and protect in whatever way possible to colleagues and companions he might come across.

He's kept within the confines of "The Dog Cage" prison whenever idle until he's sent through a stargate to explore or fulfil instruction. On occasion, his nanites take over on impulse whenever they sense updates or augmentation possibilities; they incorporated the spinal implant and used its creation data to return the implant 'home' whenever it was deemed efficient by the nanites. This brought Wolfy to Eisa and is what caused him to get involved with later adventures there.
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