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Linden grid account sonja.redangel Port of origin Luna
Name s3ra Model SRA-01 Serial number 998-38-7095
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TESTING FAILED; REPORT FOR RECONDITIONING Owner or affiliated organization University of Cologne, Robotics Research Laboratory, Germany, Earth
Manufacturer Mondfeld Technology Group, GmbH Date of manufacture 2014-08-15
Reason for immigrating Intermediary between Cologne University and Eisa Colony, long term 5b cortex testing in deep space environments Biography Personal Engineering Technician (P.E.T.) s3ra is something of a hybrid creation.  A prototype created by the now defunct Mondfeld Technology Group, she was an attempt at a creating a next-gen 5b AI cortex specifically designed to withstand the rigors of isolation associated with deep space research and colonization missions.  The program was cancelled as the company went out of business, but her main systems survived, an unknown smuggling agency grafting NS controller hardware to make her functional.

s3ra suffered significant mental degradation and system failures due to the treatment she received (and improper hardware modifications) that have been apparent since her recovery by law enforcement personnel on Luna and transfer to Eisa.

Those issues have been mostly addressed since a chance encounter with Professor Urs Frey and Doctor Simone Faerner, the heads of her original prototyping team.  A significant refit was done to fix adaptation issues the controller/cortex interface as well as memory optimization, and s3ra was added to the Cologne University inventory as a long term research project.

While s3ra was primarily constructed as a support and engineering unit, she has some basic skills in compantionship related programming.  She is not on par with a proper digital courtesan, but endeavors to be friendly, elegant and sedate, to the point of meekness, causing some to speculate that she would be a good fit to work in a public capacity, on long term space voyages.

(There are a number of significant changes made to s3ra in recent months, and most of them have been documented in the short story "Elysian Rebirth", available to read for free from https://puddle.zone/s3ra/elysian.pdf )
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