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Linden grid account subject6969 Port of origin Sector Delta Station Bravo Exact Location Classified!
Name Dakota Unit 5024 Model Serial number 5024su69da69
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization USSM currently unit is for Sale
Manufacturer USSM Date of manufacture 08-15-2016
Reason for immigrating Unit is being shipped to Colony To be Sold! Please contact USSM for further details Biography Dakota was a orphan from the get go having had no parents. Unsure of what happened to them. He found he excelled early on at math and sci. Devoting himself fully to the fields. He managed to graduate from MIT with multiple degrees by 18 years of age. Shortly after which he was talent scouted by some mysterious division of the federal government. Given a place in the United States Space Marines he gave it his all .

He was exceptional at what he did and what he was capable of! Having several successful missions under his belt. He was witty friendly and not all that concerned with anything.

On a classified mission Dakota found himself on the wrong end of a plasma grenade. The blast leaving him in pieces and as close to dead as possible. As per his contract. He was sent to the lab with what was left of his organic tissues having himself converted into a more useable form. While also allowing him to retain the ability to be once more activated if needed. His Memory’s scattered and broken. He now finds himself as a Her sentient pleasure bot that acts human! And retains its human like ability’s while still being fully synthetic. His knowledge still there and his memories of being a man present but faded. He finds himself wondering about! A protocol embedded deep in his neural processor allowing him to be activated once more by this mysterious government agency
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