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Linden grid account alisha.lioncourt Port of origin Earth
Name al1sha Model XSU Serial number 712-78-2878
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization None
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2017-02-25
Reason for immigrating Found a new home on Eisa Biography Former Earth Military Captain, Alisha was an exceptional officer who did 2 tours of duty before opting out of the service due to lack of will to kill anymore rebels on other planets. Sustained injuries that required replacement to cybernetics, Nanite Systems was more than happy to help out this officer and allowed her to go back to finish her tours before leaving. Went to university and finished her Doctorate in Education to focus on teaching the new bright minds on Earth and abroad.  Found herself on Eisa, due to a electrical storm, found herself falling in love with the people and units. Being of an authority figure,  she learned about being a Dominant and found herself owner of two units.  Her implants started to wear on her heart and brain and in order to survived she completed her full conversion to a unit. She found herself happier than before and allows herself to live life to the fullest with her two units at her side. Story will be continued soon......
last updated: 2017-02-27 02:38:27
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