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Linden grid account dragon.tyrellium Port of origin Fairchild Republic Assembly Plant
Name SIDEWINDER Model MI-28 78-0176 Serial number NS 476-44-8578
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Fairchild Republic Co. // Disbanded (Seeking Ownership)
Manufacturer Fairchild Republic Co. Date of manufacture 1979-01-22
Reason for immigrating Service of Master Required - Unit Seeking Ownership Biography MI-28 78-0176 SIDEWINDER

Current Status: Online
Weapons: LOCKED
Targeting: Online
Radar: Online
IFF: Online
Navigation: Online

History - Origin aircraft dismantled after extensive damage from SAM strike on right rear engine cowling. Core and weapon systems salvaged with minimal replacement needed. Aircraft frame, shelling, and pilot systems beyond repair. See attached listing. Recommend Reconstitution to unmanned variant.

//Play Data Recording

Airframe// Total Write-Off
Engines // Left: Salvaged Right: Write-Off
Combat System// Salvaged
Black Box// Recovered
Avionics// Partially Salvaged
Hydraulics// Total Write-Off
Communication// Total Write-Off
Pilot Systems// Damaged-Transfer for Recommission
Targeting// In-Tact

It is not advised to  transfer the recordings of the black box to experimental drone interfacing.

Proceeding with fusion of recorded data to artificial intelligence.

Call sign - Sidewinder

Update 001: Unit Undergoing overhaul of propulsion and radar detection systems.
Progress 99%
Adverse Side Effect. Voice modular unit sounding of Russian Decent.
Notes: Unit has received overhaul of major subsystems, to replace them with those of the MI-28 Russian  Attack Helicopter. Design modification noted. Radar systems expanded, Sonar buoy deployment attached, Twin repeating cannons added (Pending Calibration), Rotor drive system to replace Turbofan engine.

Weapon Systems currently Locked -

End Data Recording//

Beginning Cognitive  Transmission from AI.

Greetings, I am MI-28 78-0176. This unit has been designated call sign SIDEWINDER. All Transmission will further refer to itself as such. I have been implanted on a new humanoid chassis to serve as an Unmanned alternative to the A10C Airframe designed for Close Air Support and Multi-Role Air to Air, or Air to Ground combat missions. Recently modified with systems from an MI-28 Attack Helicopter. Fire Support Systems nominal, Transmission Systems Nominal.  System status shows Green across the board. Awaiting further Instructions...

SIDEWINDER was employed under the Fairchild Republic Aviation Co. used in military support roles from ground operations though out much of the old war era. Decommissioned in 2013, when the company cancelled all support and need for an AI based aircraft, the systems were transfer bots, passed to law enforcement and private security firms on a contracted basis. Currently seeking new employment. A dated piece of military hardware, but one with an absolutely spotless service record. Files and combat operations available upon request.

There are 1,264 Mission files that are listed at Security Clearance  6 - Private Sector Level
There are 259 Mission files that are listed at Security Clearance 12 - Law Enforcement Level
There are 12 Mission files that are listed at Security Clearance 15 - Military Grade Required : Rank Admiral or Equal
There are ----- Mission files that are  listed at Security Clearance -- Access Restricted // Top Secret // Denied

Request from the unit directly, provide sufficient rank to access service files. Good Day.

last updated: 2017-03-23 03:02:22
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