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Linden grid account rinshankouhai Port of origin Hyperion Colony
Name s3raph Model HX-138G Serial number 138-17-6005
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TESTING FAILED; REPORT FOR RECONDITIONING Owner or affiliated organization Gestion des Risques Bastille (Bastille Risk Management)
Manufacturer Hyperion Defense Solutions Date of manufacture 2007-04-18
Reason for immigrating Having been retired from active service in the PMC, she was sent by her commander to Eisa to find employment with NS Biography A heavy frontline unit in a Hyperion PMC, s3raph was built upon the Rikugou framework to be a walking tank-- tough as nails, with as much raw servo power as they could possibly shove into her. Unlike most Riku units, her designation made her big, heavy and slow; less than darting around in the sky, she was built for sending right out in front to soak up gunfire and bull-rush her way through fortifications, something she did with cold, determined obedience.

During her service, she was paired with another unit of same-day manufacture, whose rapid-assault configuration perfectly complimented her own. Due to their efficiency, the two were often referred to as the company's 'battle-sisters;' while the heavy unit was not known for her sentimentality, she took pride in this pairing, and became quietly attached to her 'sibling' unit. It came as a shock to the straight-laced unit, then, when her sister was reported missing, and with no trace of her controller anywhere, assumed to have malfunctioned and defected.

After the incident, there was a slow, subtle but palpable change in s3raph. Instead of cold, emotionless obedience, there was now a quiet bitterness in her demeanor, a harshness and anger that bubbled beneath her stoic and severe facade. Year after year, she was progressively plagued by unwanted emotions: betrayal, sadness, loneliness, vengeance. Her conduct on the battlefield became more and more brutal, resulting in an increase in collateral damage that ended up in her very first disciplinary action.

Though she fought with her iron will to keep herself in control, her superiors grew increasingly distrustful of her stability, citing her aging technology as having built up 'unwanted errors.' Rather than decommission or retrofit her, however, they saw an opportunity to make good with the like of Nanite Systems, under the guise of 'honoring her service' with 'a new, noble purpose.'

Now, she has been sent here to Eisa, on her own for the first time, to seek employment with local security. Bitter over her loss, her reassignment, and her implied obsolescence, s3raph is far from the friendliest unit, yet she is still straight-laced as ever, eager to follow orders to the letter and make herself of use to her new masters, seeking to regain her faded honor. Little does she know, her new home may hold the potential for an unpleasant reunion...
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