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Linden grid account aluminumcuffs Port of origin Greater Southern California Space Drydock
Name Prototype 1R Model K-Recon/Field Autonomous Drone., Version Serial number 115-34-0217
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Takeda Corporation
Manufacturer Kemp Technologies Date of manufacture 2016-07-08
Reason for immigrating Field Testing on Eisa, Sale Biography Constructed in 2016 with information collected during the saving of the life of ███████ ███████, Kemp Technologies had made a [mostly illicit] breakthrough in █████-to-█████ research. Keeping this technology under wraps, up to the corporate level, only accessible to those already within Kemp when the project began, they used the new methods to create advanced computer systems, designed especially for being on-board bots. With the finanical and resource backing of the powerful Takeda Corporation, Kemp was able to use the █████ of ██ year old [Volunteer] █████ ████████ to strip, scrub, and reprogram into Prototype 1R.

With the Reconnaissance chassis already fully designed, the prototype designation was mostly to ensure the effectiveness of the method for using █████ ██████ as on-board computers. Prototype 1R was noted to have significant mental processing issues, mostly due to [DATA EXPUNGED], along with relentless optimism, which was not programmed into the unit; though these issues have been fixed in later models. Due to a request of an investor, the early prototype was sent to Eisa Colony to undergo field testing. After which, it would be officially severed from the company, and scrapped - if it did not find a buyer.
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