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Linden grid account sullythesergal Port of origin Unknown
Name Ella Model DAX/3 Serial number 998-07-1161
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Abyss (Luaire)
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture Uncertain
Biography Ella is an android made to look very real, she even feels real, but there's a hitch, she's like a ghost in an android body, a long time ago she was separated from her actual body and uploaded to a computer after recovery, where she resides, her body is just a relay, Ella is actually within a computer terminal, remotely controlling her android self via this terminal, she lacks the ability to actually defend herself, but has nearly infinite amounts of bodies to choose from, all of which are the same looking, one mind, many bodies, who she was or even what she was before she was uploaded is long forgotten, even to her! She's nothing more than her mother and owners bot now, and she will follow no one else.

Designed to resemble a Lycanroc from the Pokemon series she has several good uses apart from combat.
last updated: 2018-06-29 15:42:58
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