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character creation rules

Do I have to play a human or robot?

No, but you have to be born as a human. Details are explained below:

Consequently, furry characters are strongly encouraged to have been born as human. Genetic engineering is expensive, like in real life, so be prepared to come up with a good reason as to why or how you or someone else could afford your alterations. Both types of furry may attract various stigmas, ranging from "gee, you're an eccentric person for turning yourself into a half-worm half-person" to "what sort of sick f*ck would give an animal the ability to think and talk like a person?"

Bioroids and sapientized animals. Ownership of animals engineered to have the intelligence of a human, or of humans that have been genetically modified, is quite illegal on Eisa. This may not be the case on other colonies which are not so heavily under the jurisdiction of the United States government. Indentured servitude may be another matter.

Elf ears? No problem. Horns? Fine. Tails? Sure. Wings? Okay. Just make sure you know how were able to afford so much plastic surgery. For everything else, see below.


Legally, robots are not people. If you come to Eisa as a robot who believes it deserves rights equal to those of a person, be prepared to either (a) hide your robot status or (b) immediately become a fugitive. (This is typical on most major colonies, as well as Earth.)

Keep in mind this is only a legal perspective. (It's only a crime if someone catches you!)

Minimum definition. A "robot" is any individual with a fully artificial brain. A fully cybernetic body with a human brain (a "jarhead" in Cyberpunk parlance) is still considered a cyborg. Attempting to control a jarhead through manipulation or hypnosis to convince the subject he or she is a robot is highly illegal. Brain modifications (implants, etc.) are a legal gray area unless you have paperwork proving your memory and personality cannot be directly hacked. In some cases arrests have been made, either of the wearer or the surgeon, due to brain implants. Cyborgs have been forced to undergo complete robotification if the implants cannot be safely removed.

Although it's a popular roleplay topic, conversion for other reasons is, technically, illegal. As with many things in Eisa, convertees will have to either hide their memories and personalities, or run the risk of a trip to Deep-Cycle Reconditioning to have it purged by force. Robots must pass a Kampff-Voet test within 30 days of arrival to avoid this fate.

Again, you do not have to obey the law to roleplay in Eisa. Without renegades, rogues, and organized resistance movements, the colony would be a very dull place.

Looking for more advice on how to fit into the setting? Check out our (non-compulsory) Better Today Robot Roleplay Guide (coming soon). It includes suggestions about mannerisms, technological information, manufacturers, and more.


Under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, most forms of slavery were outlawed, excepting compulsory labor for convicted criminals serving sentences. Concomitantly, ownership of people and sentient animals is considered problematic from a legal perspective. That said, there is no shortage of sex trafficking and various other forms of indenture on Eisa—just don't expect openly-advertised slave markets.

Extraterrestrials (Aliens)

Eisa's storyline will eventually feature extraterrestrials, but not of any race or variety you are familiar with. Please do not introduce any aliens into the story at this time other than extradimensionals (see below) or primitive, non-sentient organisms such as plants, microbes, or simplistic, small animals. (And above all else, don't make them compatible with Terran biology—toxic to eat and definitely not capable of cross-pollinating.)

“Time Lords”

While time travel is generally frowned upon, we will be forgiving of visitors and even residents from other universes (including time travel.) Be aware, however, that such technology is unfamiliar to the people and governments in our setting, and may will definitely get you arrested and dissected, so keep it a secret! We will frown strongly upon any attempt to hack up our setting by injecting overpowered technology from other universes, and this may be grounds for banning under the auspices of godmodding.

Magic, mythology, and the supernatural

These are not part of the Better Today setting.

The ban on mythology includes modern mythological creatures, also known as cryptids.

Anime heads

Robots will be treated as actually having stylized designs with Japanese influence.

Human and furry characters will be treated as though they have normal human features. This includes cyborgs other than jarheads.

Miscellaneous technologies


Although Linden Lab does not explicitly place a blanket ban on child-like avatars in Adult-rated sims, we ask that visitors refrain from deliberately portraying children in the sim. This does not necessarily apply to slender or short characters, but if there is substantial doubt as to your intentions, you may be asked to make suitable adjustments by an administrator. Adult minds in child bodies (e.g. robots with child bodies) are not allowed either, as these can still greatly disturb those who are sensitive to portrayals of sexual acts involving children.

As a point of reference, child-like avatars are those which are obviously meant to look less mature than whatever Avery Bellecoeur is wearing today.

See also our general conduct guidelines page.

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