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Linden grid account soph.rozenfeld Port of origin New Stillwater
Name Soph Model Slushie N Erotic System Serial number SNES-99XX-72-99-121w
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization The Dollhouse Archology
Manufacturer Nontondo beverages and toys Date of manufacture 12/21/1991
Reason for immigrating Sold by the archology owner due display malfuction Biography The SNES series were very popular on convenience stores, oil stations and fast food restaurants inside the dollhouse archology.
The archology is located in the sea between England and the rest of Europe. It is some kind of perverts' retirement resort founded in the late 80's.
Originally, the SNES series functions were meant to mix both erotic arcades and slushie machines in one system. The orb they have as head could display images, these ones usually were just pre filmed pornstars that reacted when milked, tickled or fucked.  Their body was made from latex and latex hair catridges could be plugged into the doll's head to change the model in the screen.
These dolls were too big in size. This was because the archology demanded robot models with big sex parts. In order to reach this market's standards, Nontondo Beverages and Toys redesigned their new Comboycades  (plain arcades with slushie dispensers on top) into 2 new models: the 96XY series which were shemale latex dolls, and the 99XX. The 99XX had bigger feet and bigger breasts than it's male counterpart. Both models can have their arms detached to be plugged directly, but their legs can't be removed without damaging the product.
Soph was one of those and brought joy to men, women and shemales alike. Her AI module is still working but her face no longer displays images. The archology owner wanted to replace it but these dolls were discontinued in 2000 along with the comboycades. The main reason was that Nontondo risked in all or nothing creating a new arcade system called Hyperboy64x... which had no luck at all. Nontendo survived until 2002 and then were absorved by Tellnex's beverage firm Popsiemore.
Soph and many of her malfuctioning sisters were sold as junk material to many of the US space colonies. And despite lacking of display, Soph still functions regularly, or at least as she can recharge her handlike bateries.
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