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Linden grid account kalamitykate Port of origin Port Clark (Located: Extrasolar Planet "Thesia")
Name Kate Curie Model K4TE (NRSE Class Medical Gynoid) Serial number NRSE-00045-K4TE
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Center of Disease Control (CDC)
Manufacturer Phobos Proprietary Systems Date of manufacture 1997-05-04
Reason for immigrating To find and reconnect with CDC networks Biography Kate Curie is a dated medical robot that was constructed by robotics conglomerate Phobos Proprietary Systems (PPS) to be part of a limited batch of specialist "K4TE" class Gynoids . Specifically designed to combat patient's rising lack of confidence in older medical models K4TE was built with a more human looking appearance and behaviour, a stark contrast to the clunking steel robots of before. Unfortunately for K4TE despite great patient feedback PPS had other ideas for her line, discontinuing production of the K4TE brand a year later and instead redeveloping the factory to birth the lucrative sex-droid market.

Obsolete and disconnected from PPS servers the hundreds of K4TEs were sold to the Center of Disease Control (CDC) where for almost fifteen years they were deployed to any hot-spot that needed them. Sadly it was one such deployment where their transport was fatefully stormed by rebels, the unpowered Gynoids taken away in their slumber and "upgraded" by the rebel mechanics to provide fire-support and carnal pleasures to the countless soldiers. Repurposed and serving a rebel militia, both in battle and in the bedrooms, the K4TEs slowly began to decline, the lack of proper maintenance coupled with the rough handling causing many to break beyond repair.

Three years later Kate Curie, one of only a handful of K4TEs now left, picked up a transmission from orbit. With her neurosynth brain firing on all cylinders she realised she had automatically connected to a CDC ship in Orbit, the brief network connection restoring her old memories from archive. Seeing things clearly again Kate attacked the rebel rutting on top of her and ran out towards the nearest spaceport. Stowing herself away on a frieghter chartered for the CDC ship in orbit Kate eagerly awaited the end of her journey.

Opening the cargo doors she found herself not looking at a CDC loading bay but instead out onto a tropical paradise, the freighter she hitched with being nothing more than a smuggler, forging his travel destination to avoid paying company customs. Stuck on a strange world far from CDC networks the unlucky Gynoid is at a loss at where to begin.
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