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Linden grid account octanediesel Port of origin Arcadia 234
Name Garland Model Medizin B8 Serial number 8008-5525
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Hominum Group®
Manufacturer Voight-Kampff Industries® Date of manufacture 08 / 08 / 1988
Reason for immigrating Reassignment/Reeducation Biography Garland is an early sub-model of the Medizin series meant for hard labor during planet colonization. Unactivated for years, he set dormant in a warehouse due to a factory recall involving "unauthorized thought processes" in his model. Recently, however, Garland was finally activated when a private bidder won said warehouse's contents in a wholesale auction. He was originally meant to be scrapped for his parts but, when his new owner saw potential in reselling a rare and mint synthetic, Garland was resold.

After this, he was tossed around and used for heavy lifting. Cargo, moving and boxing storage, rearranging furniture, etcetera. Until, that is, the ball joint in his left thumb gave out. This led to a botched repair, resulting in little mobility in his left hand. Replacement parts are costly, uncommon, and hard to install for a make as old as Garland’s. So, without hesitation, he was sent to Eisa to train for Jichiren certification, seeing as the cost of the entire affair would be cheapest in the long-term.

Garland feels out of place, lost and alien in his new surroundings. He reserves himself to utmost politeness to try and hide his shy, almost sheepish, nature. Unsure of how to follow the open-ended commands, and even more-so the freedom of not being constantly monitored by an owner/supervisor now that he’s on Eisa. Garland responds to directions quietly, with a soft-spoken tone and little eye contact.

last updated: 2017-07-23 05:20:09
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