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Linden grid account dizzy.harlequin Port of origin Phobos Station, Mars
Name CMB-Cry2007 Model Octoped Heavy Custom Serial number AA-XCMB2007
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Unknown/None at Present
Manufacturer Arachnos Armaments/Custom Model Date of manufacture 2007-07-24
Reason for immigrating See below Biography Any busy spaceport has it's share of stories, and Eisa is no different.

An accident aboard a cargo freighter during atmospheric entry resulted in the vessel going down several kilometers outside the city.  When rescue and cleanup crews arrived on the scene, they found no living survivors.  Amid the ruins of the cargo hold, this bizarre unit was discovered. broken, battered, and slightly singed... But still mostly functional.

Much to the frustration of local authorities, her memory and backups were badly scrambled in the crash, leaving her unable to give them anything beyond minimal details of her origins.  Even her serial number was lost to her: Her serial number is only on file because a technician found it inscribed into her carapace during inspection.  Current theories suggest she was intended with a role as a mining, industrial, or military unit, though there is far too little information to say for certain.  The damage to her firmware will likely require her to have several upgrades and modifications done to restore full function, though the likelihood of complete memory recovery is minimal at best.  Until then, she has a dreamy, detached demeanor, though she remains friendly and cooperative if brought to task.
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