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Linden grid account strangeaeons.firebrand Port of origin {REDACTED} Spaceport, {REDACTED}, Earth
Name k0balt Model Polyfunctional Unit Prototype Serial number RR-k0balt
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Regula Robotics
Manufacturer Highsun/Newlight Industries, Refurbished by Regula Robotics Date of manufacture 2016-XX-XX
Reason for immigrating {Nonautonomous Service and Intel-Gathering Mode active; Unit seeking population centers} Biography Unit K0BALT
Polyfunctional Unit Prototype (PUP)

Previous Organic Name: {REDACTED}
City of Origin: {REDACTED}
Converted by: {REDACTED}
{REDACTED} Contract Length: Indefinite
Current Owner: Regula Robotics
Current Mode: Observation and Data Retrieval Mode
Thank you for your inquiry regarding this {REDACTED} product. For information involving management, public service, et al., please address this Unit directly.

{Once a poor but cybernetics-admiring human dwelling in a city on Earth or one of its colonies, the girl who became Unit k0balt signed a shady contract with a shadier cybernetics corporation. She'd be their test subject for implants indefinitely, but hey - free augments and housing.  She hardly noticed how much of her was being replaced and converted until it was way too late to back out. When the authorities caught wind of their illicit dealings and experimentation, the corporation cut her loose. They wiped her databanks of all incriminating information, put her into a wandering Public Service/Free-to-Claim mode, and dumped her on a shuttle offworld. After several near-catastrophic detections and changing hands a few times, k0balt is currently held by Regula Robotics as an operative, for better or worse. }

Unit K0BALT is pleased to meet you - please designate preferred name and title. How may this unit serve you today?
last updated: 2019-01-30 13:05:01
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