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Linden grid account joey.rubanis Port of origin Unknown
Name 'Rush X' Model Custom-built Fenrir companion mech. Serial number 27-2713 (Not registered with Eisa network)
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization (null entry)
Manufacturer (No manufacturer) Date of manufacture 1993-12-17
Reason for immigrating Repurposing and repair, possibly upgrade and legalization. Biography Not much is known about this unit - at least, not publicly. 'RUSH' was intended to be a 'fan-build project' inspired by an obscure human video game series. The alleged character, apparently, was named 'Rush', hence the name, and the odd color scheme of the robot. In fact, the color scheme seemed to have been spray-painted on, with only a warning decal planted on the back, pointing to a NS controller. However, this is also a very serious problem - The controller, in particular, is not registered with any owner or date of purchase, which may point to it being either an illegal black-market product, defective or a bootleg controller, as hinted by the fact that the NS logo on the back had marks, indicating the builder might have at one point, tried to chisel off the NS logo on it, as well as the fact that the controller was spray-painted, as normally, controllers of it's type did not come in the red color scheme.

When it was found, the Rush model had been sitting in a scrapyard, despite it being a fan project. At first, it was concluded that perhaps the creator had questioned the legality of what he, or she, was doing, but upon closer inspection, the robotic dog had a weapon system on it's back, indicating at some point, it had been used as a weapon, rather than fan dedication, which further trivialized it's legal status, as if the illegal controller wasn't enough. Authorities then decided to power it on to run tests, and see if it was of any danger.

As it turns out, however, the robot dog was far from what the authorities had expected. What they got was a playful, loyal robot puppy, who seemed to only use it's weapon system on command, and, more surprisingly, did not wish to do harm to innocent life. But as the tests went on, the real reason it was scrapped was revealed - the controller it had was faulty and defective, and had, on more than one occasion, started an electrical fire. This confirmed suspicion that the controller was not just a black market item, but a bootleg, with improper wiring, and cheap parts, though, functionally, it looked and acted the part up until the glitches and burning wires.

Along with that, authorities have managed to find the source of the robot dog though archives - It was, for certain, based off a video game franchise, but had the design of another franchise, so, possibly, it was a 'tribute' to two games. Seeing no harm in the robot dog, other than the weapon systems, which was confirmed to be more of a self-defensive measure, and the faulty controller, the dog was sent to Eisa to be properly fitted, legalized, and put in store for 'adoption'.

Personality subsystems have been reset, so the dog's behavior can be customized for it's owner, and modified on the fly, which seems to make it much, much desirable for humans or machines who wanted all the joy of a pet, without the mess... Other than the potential for chewed belongings, unless the teeth could be replaced with plastic alternatives.
last updated: 2017-08-07 22:45:34
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