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Linden grid account derterifii
Name CP Lana Model Serial number 476-30-3835
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TESTING FAILED; REPORT FOR RECONDITIONING Owner or affiliated organization Ember Mikals
Manufacturer Custom Build Date of manufacture 2016-10-10
Biography Lana is an experimental unit, designed to reduce the number of motors needed to run a fully functional, full sized, machine.
The goal was to create a unit that was virtually silent, and was capable of slipping into any number of areas with relative ease.
Despite the success of the project however, then means to do so were seen as largely impractical, and insanely expensive, even taking into consideration that the unit was simply modified from a sexbot.
The project was eventually put on an indefinite hiatus, with plans to create any units similar to Lana ultimately scrapped.

As a result, Lana was quickly decommissioned. Though instead of being scrapped for parts, Lana was kept as a sort of memento of innovation before being purchased at an exponentially high price by a client looking for a defensive unit.

The employee who handled the sale may, or may not, have been fired shortly after.

As Lana is simply a prototype, she is subject to a number of faults. While modifying the unit, the technicians failed to scrub the entirety of her sexbot programming, causing a few conflicts internally as to what can be considered acceptable behavior in face to face interactions.
In addition, her chassis is prone to the occasional surge. While it doesn't appear to damage the unit in any noticeable capacity, great care is often advised when handling the unit, otherwise.

She has since been issued a recreation-chassis, designed to mimic the look of her build prior to the reconstruction. while she is permanently stuck as the death machine that she is, she can, and often does, stream her functions to the secondary chassis, which can in turn, relay any and all physical experiences back to her.
last updated: 2017-10-08 00:00:49
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