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Linden grid account dizzy.harlequin Port of origin Seattle Central Starport, U.C.A.S.
Name s1rona Model Sirona Medical Gynoid Serial number RRBM-S 121-9-01 / NS-112-10-5329
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST PASSED Owner or affiliated organization Renraku-Rikugou Bio-Medical, inc / Nanite Systems
Manufacturer Renraku-Rikugou Bio-Medical, inc Date of manufacture 2017-08-17
Reason for immigrating Corporate gift from RR Bio-Med to Nanite Systems Biography While traditionally in the market of developing medical supplies and treatment tools, Renraku-Rikugou Bio-Medical saw an opportunity, like so many corporations before, in times of strife.  Noticing that natural and manmade disasters left many lacking medical care, and medical care providers lacking infrastructure to get in and around, Renraku-Rikugou Bio-Medical sought a solution.

The most straightforward approach would be medical androids, since machines don't suffer fatigue, don't need food or medical supplies to keep themselves functioning, leaving more available for the suffering and needy.  Most medical androids available on the market lacked durability, relying on delicate hands to perform treatment, and careful transport in and out of work sites.

Renraku-Rikugou's solution was to rethink and reinvision the basic design concepts into a machine that could do and go where others couldn't: The Sirona line.

- Heavily reinforced spines, heavy-duty actuators & servos, and high-strength magnetic pistons allow Sirona to lift or move many times her weight!
- Micro-ramjet boosters built into Sirona's legs allow her limited air travel without assistance, granting unparalelled first-response capability!
- Carefully-chosen facial structures provide a face that minimizes the stresses of the uncanny valley on those already suffering injury!
- Full hospital-standard medical library directs Sirona in all treatments, from asthma attacks to the Zyka virus!
- Nanite Systems Aide controller, running the Companion OS ensures a reliable infrastructure for updates and performance! Includes ATOS/E support! (Note: Sirona models report extreme discomfort enacting combat due to Hippocratic Hierarchy protocol conflicts.  Future models may be patched to prevent this.)

While these features can be found in other models from other manufacturers, Sirona has one tool they lack:  Renraku-Rikugou Bio-Medical's proprietary "Cradle" treatment system!
Installed into Sirona's pelvi-abdominal cavity, the Cradle is a full triage kit!  Coming complete with nanite trauma hives, artificial skin printing, and anaesthic delivery systems, among many others, an entire ambulance-worth of tools rests in each gynoid! Upon reaching a patient, Sirona can rapidly move them into position, deploy her Cradle, and keep the patient company until a proper response team can arrive!

Developed with assistance from Nanite Systems, the first Sirona factory model to pass the full battery of quality-assurance testing was given to Nanite Systems, named to their standards, and deployed to Eisa as part of a grand publicity stunt in hopes of drawing more sales of the Sirona model and potentially better prices for future ventures between Renraku-Rikugou Bio-Medical and Nanite Systems.
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