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From escorting diplomats to upholding the public trust, there’s one private security force that the galaxy relies upon more often than any other, and that’s NanoSec. Protecting Eisa Colony is a big job, and our officers, units, and contractors do what no government policing force can to ensure it remains safe.

On Eisa, our jobs include public security, customs and immigration, bodyguarding, and private security contracts for other colonies and corporations. Services offered by other NanoSec teams include espionage, civil defense, riot suppression, and strategic consulting. Our officers and contractors are well-trained and well-compensated, and our units are programmed to suit any security task they are assigned to. Many are veterans of previous military and security work, and bring their unique experience to the table to enrich our team.

With a job that matters and long paid holidays, NanoSec is an ideal place for those who seek adventure and a big payoff. Enlist today and become a security pioneer of the future.

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