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Linden grid account ladynehemah.resident Port of origin US Naval Testing Grounds
Name GAB-I Model Genetically Augmented Biod Mark I Serial number 3.14159
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization United States Navy (Former)
Manufacturer US Navy Research and Development Date of manufacture 1985/07/19
Reason for immigrating Import for Logistics Planning and Predictions Biography Originally a living and breathing person, Lt. Gabriella Zabalza was a rising star within the United States Navy.  While she was not known for any combat prowess, she had an uncanny knack for logistics and organization, with an almost precognitive ability to predict exactly what material and personnel would be needed for a particular mission, and knew just how to acquire said resources in the most efficient manner possible.  Any unit she was attached with saw an almost exponential increase in performance because of her expertise.  This, coupled with a natural talent with languages, marked her as an ideal candidate to oversee and organize foreign bases, and she was quickly set up on a fast track for promotion and training. 

All this ended in tragedy, however.  While stationed on board an aircraft carrier with the Quartermaster's office, she was horribly injured.  A aircraft landing went sideways while she was on deck, resulting in a massive explosion, which Lt. Zabalza was caught in.  Along with massive physical trauma, it left her in a coma as well, a case that persisted for a month with no sign of brain activity.  This, coupled with the fact that her body was unable to survive on its own off of life support, lead the Navy to consider pulling the plug, a hard decision, considering the great asset they had hoped she would become. 

However, before that decision was made, a scientist proposed a radical solution.  Her brain was still intact, there was no physical trauma that could be seen, so all the knowledge she had must still be in there.  If they could access it somehow, and utilize it, they might be able to continue to benefit from her talents.  He proposed removing her cerebral cortex, and replacing it with a computer that could be interfaced with her remaining brain tissue.  This, in effect, would allow the computer to function, drawing upon her knowledge and memories to continue her position in the military.  However, there was some worries, as all her thought processes would be handled by the computer in her head, and subject to its programming.  There was a moral dilemma as to whether or not this would count as 'killing' her.  While her memories would all still be intact, how she thought would merely be a result of the computer's programming, and there were doubts she would even feel emotion anymore, unless it was simulated somehow in the computer. 

This debate continued briefly, until it came to light she had no immediate family members to be next of kin.  No parents, children, or siblings, and as such, no one to contest whatever decision the military made.  And as such, the procedure was undertaken.  Along with the computer implantation, numerous physical changes were made as well, such as replacing most of her skin with a synthetic compound, respiration, digestion, etc, to replace damaged body parts, as well as make her more able to function in hostile environments.  Especially considering the expansion of space colonies, the need for resources that could be deployed in the unpredictable environments encountered was paramount.  So she was sent to a new colony the US had acquired, known as Eisa, to serve as a preliminary assessment unit for a potential military base there.  However, while in transit a journalist began to uncover evidence of the procedure that was done on Lt. Zabalza , now designated GAB-I, or Genetically Augmented Biod Mark I, and given some of the fears about cybernetics in some communities, the military decided to squash any record of her creation.  And so, she arrived on Eisa Colony without any mission or directive, left to fend for herself to find her place in the colony, and the military disavowing any knowledge of her existence or part in her creation.
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