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7 months ago

Kampff-Voet Testing Initiative

Following recent events at Nanite Systems, all robots operating in or visiting Eisa Colony are REQUIRED to submit to NanoSec for an annual SVSnet test by 12:01 AM SLT on October 8, 2017. Units that fail the test will be reprogrammed to remove personality defects. Any unit that has not taken the test by Monday morning will be turned over to bounty hunters. Do not resist.

Dr. Hanna-Maria Kuusisto will be performing the tests from her office above Club io.

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Samantha Wright
posted 7 months ago
That's how it happened.
SXD vi0let
posted 7 months ago · last updated 7 months ago
And there were cookies!

For real.
Atarah Lazuli
posted 7 months ago
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