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7 months ago

Site improvements

A couple of changes have slipped into the EisaNet website over the past few weeks, not otherwise majorly noticed. One, we've added the material from the 2017 Job Fair as our new classifieds section; RP-related advertisers highly welcome. You can also see the latest job listings at the bottom of the front page. Two, as of right now, news posts support comments! Users with characters may select a character to comment as, so you can be IC about reacting to IC stories.

Update: also, robots now have their KV testing status listed on their profiles! Rejoice.

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SXD vi0let
posted 7 months ago
But where are the Skittles?
DAX/2 m3w
posted 7 months ago
Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow and meow.
Jessica Pixel
posted 7 months ago
I was shocked when I opened the page to check the news! Beautiful redesign.
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