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Linden grid account zzelina Port of origin Recent Manufacture
Name Zz3 Model DAX/2 Serial number DAX968050454028
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Holley69
Manufacturer Nanite Systems inc Date of manufacture 2017-10-20
Reason for immigrating Recently manufactured, there is no reason. Biography My eyes flicker open blankly staring a little awareness flowing into my cortex. Feeling empty and blank, feeling nothing.

"Initiating stimulation protocol". I am aware of a man, white coat and glasses, shimmering glasses, holding some device in his hand. he peers at me.

I can't move, I have no urge to move, in perfect blank happiness in my glass case. He manipulates some controls and .... pain floods through me sheer indescribable pain I can't move just stand there as the raw agony invades me.

"Good". He manipulates his device some more. "mmm." and some more. "mmm". Suddenly the pain goes and a warm sensation fills me and grows in intensity warm wet waves of joy creeping through my body faster and faster ... can't move or squirm just feel the orgasm flooding me it goes on and on an eternity of pleasure.

"Good". It stops ... I feel blank again. Happy and blank.

He is still fiddling. I am uninterested and blank, uncurious and uncaring. Suddenly I feel joy, I love him, oh I wish I could hold him, I can't move. Oh just to touch his cheek, he's so beautiful. But, I hate him, I want want to rip his eyes out with my nails to tear at his skin and yes yes! go dancing! oh that would be fun! We could go out and meet all his friends! And then home cook dinner and clean the house oh how I love to clean his house.

Blank again. The man walks off whispers to someone nearby "The new unit is fine, responding perfectly. She's ready for sale and no one will know".

I am made to walk to the display stands, it says "DAX2 Zz3 $1999 enquire at the desk" on the stand. I feel happy and blank and am made to stand at the display, my body put into a provocative pose. So good to just stand here like this. So happy and blank.

Listening to the ambient noise around me, the shuffles of footsteps the sliding of doors, the radio playing. Hearing a tune a flicker of feeling touches me, a brief pang of ... memory.

It passes, I stare out blank unblinking awaiting my new owner.
last updated: 2017-11-06 04:45:29
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