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6 months ago

Radiological Spill In The City!

by H3L

Earlier today, a radiological indicent struck Eisa, bathing parts of the city in low-level radiation. The unit known as NVX-116 was in possession of several nuclear batteries and dropped them, though how the unit came into possession of said batteries is still unclear. The one responsible for the incident, the unit has been apprehended and its owner, Momoko Matsuda, has taken responsibility for the actions of her property. Restitution and cleanup of the incident is pending. NanoSec officer iPup K9 masak0 gave this statement: "Unit 116 was released to Miss Momoka with punishment to come later via community service. If further issue happens, any punishment is possible."

This reporter hopes that the residual radiation is cleaned up quickly so that the current city beautification efforts may continue as planned.

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???mystery function/array: get_name()???
posted 6 months ago
aww.. and I got stuck off world during the incident.. would have been a good test of my recently repaired atos system. hope no one was badly effected by it. cant get transit back for another 4 hours at the soonest I was told.
Jessica Pixel
posted 6 months ago
I would like to know why a Unit performing community service would be given such a sensitive job without proper safety measures in place!
NS-226 v4len
posted 6 months ago · last updated 6 months ago
This unit's shield emitter was burned out in the incident and is being repaired.
Lestat Sinjiko
posted 5 months ago
i was on scene it didn't seem NanoSec had a true grasp of things at all
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