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Linden grid account lunaria.felisimo Port of origin Hoboken, New Jersey (United States, Earth)
Name M-7511 "HARMONIOUS MELUSINE" Model RDX//5.2e S/A2 "FAE" W-P Serial number 304-39-0976
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Dr. Isra'kiel Fairley (Fairley Corp)
Manufacturer Fairley Corporation; HARDtech Branch - RDX Division Date of manufacture 2015-11-07
Reason for immigrating Shipped in by Dr. Fairley along with other personal possessions from Earth. Biography When Dr. Isra'kiel Fairley acquired the assets of HARDtech, he found among the various technological components, he found an unmarked cortex among various unclaimed employee assets, and when loading it into a simulator, he discovered a mostly-functional AI, designation M3LU51N3.  Repairing some malfunctions in her code and applying other necessary patches, M3LU51N3 was integrated into Dr. Fairley's tech in order to aid him as a personal assistant, working hand in hand with him, providing any assistance that he needed in necessary tasks, as well providing companionship.  Once he had stabilized the tech, and M3LU51N3 inquired about getting as chassis of her own, Dr. Fairley had one constructed for her, and she mainly assisted in taking care of things at his HQ.  Though she'd only had her own chassis a short time before Dr. Fairley had to assist Nanite Systems on Eisa, and thus she remained behind on Earth, deactivated, until being shipped to Eisa on his request, and reactivated.
last updated: 2017-11-08 18:32:46
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