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Linden grid account etheralrose Port of origin INSILICO
Name Andromeda Ascendant Model NS-409 Serial number 409-63-6144
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Titan Corps† PMC Owned By Lestat Sinjiko
Manufacturer Lestat Sinjiko Date of manufacture 2003/04/20
Reason for immigrating owner has moved to eisa Biography Titan Corps† Squad Member
Name: EtheralRose
Callsign: Andromeda Ascendant (NS-409-63-6144)
Clearance Level: Delta Blue(Class 2 Privileges)
Chassis Spec: Experimental Stealth Combat Android

Andromeda was created when her owner's combat team was ambushed in a mission gone wrong inside an enemy research facility she contains the mind of a sniper from his former team code name EtheralRose the best marksman Lestat has ever known her new life came about once a mission had gone completely wrong and 6 members of the team died Rose's life hung in the balance and the only way to save has was to download her mind into an AI program and turn her into a machine her chassis was  acquired from one of the research labs an Experimental Stealth Combat Android or E.S.C.A unit while doing a raid on the very same research facility that was doing illegal activity the chassis which was repaired and finished and was now ready for placing the AI core for EtheralRose's mind once activated she was given the new Codename Andromeda Ascendant she and Lestat finished the mission together as they bombed the facility to ashes and rubble in the process destroying a life time of illegal research and saving millions they later continued their friendship as they kept a career in the military for quite some time now that Lestat has retired and moved away to Eisa its time she be reunited with her long time and dear friend/creator
last updated: 2018-05-25 14:18:00
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