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3 years ago

Raid On Rhapsody Robotics

by H3L

Eyes were drawn to the spectacle of a NanoSec raid on the old Rhapsody Robotics building today. Multiple explosions were heard as the building was breached, one unit suffering severe but only temporary damage. Soon after the explosions, ambient radiation was detected, prompting NanoSec to forcefully disperse the gathered crowd. NanoSec chief LY-N13L said "Rhapsody robotics will be seized by NanoSec to do further investigations as they are being accused of doing illegal conversions here at Eisa." about the incident, "Entering said building behind me will be classified as tampering with the crime scene until further notice, which is punishable by the law." Currently, no one aside from NanoSec officers are allowed inside the building under penalty of immediate detainment. No suspects have been mentioned regarding the contents of the building, nor have the contents of the building itself been listed.

More information will be provided as it arises.

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???mystery function/array: get_name()???
posted 3 years ago
And me away to not see this..oh well. Can always go poke around the building later I guess. Nanosec would have to catch me to detain me and that is easier said then done.
Dr. Isra'kiel Fairley
posted 3 years ago · last updated 3 years ago
The plastic Chinese slutbots were IEDs all along! Well, that explains the "cheap to make, mass manufactured" aspect.
Lestat Sinjiko
posted 3 years ago
as a military black ops solider that raid was disgusting no one had a grip on the situation nor were proper breach and clear protocols followed and walking into a few bombs face first is just smart isn't it pfft will like to see what comes out of this whole thing
Jessica Pixel
posted 3 years ago
How terrible! I hope no iKittens were damaged!!
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