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Linden grid account eleathiel.ronmark Port of origin Spaceport of Mars
Name K47Y-2680 Model NS-476 Serial number 476-74-2680
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST PASSED Owner or affiliated organization Saab Group
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2007-11-24
Reason for immigrating Was abandoned at a decommissioned office at a spaceport, sent back to point of manufacture. Biography Commissioned by the Saab Group for use in research and showcase.

Ended up stationed in a small branch office of the company out on a Martian spaceport. Between tending the front desk and weapons showcase the unit was running a mix of companion and combat routines, which K47Y effortlessly juggled while keeping busy at the relatively small spaceport.

During the many slow hours she spent a lot of time learning as much as she could about whatever happened to strike her interest, her knowledge archive is therefore quite spotty and strangely deep in certain areas.

Eventually the the office was closed down and the station left derelict as it was replaced by a newer and grander one, K47Y abandoned with her potential company secrets and eventually returned to the colony she was built in.
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