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Linden grid account rei.ghost Port of origin Earth - south EU
Name Rei Model DAX/2m Serial number 998-83-8927
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Consumer Products Division Date of manufacture "unknown"
Reason for immigrating this unit was illegally introduced, pending legal status Biography This unit was found during a raid of the authorities within an apartment near its alleged human owner who died of natural causes.
The unit, which at the time of the raid was partially disassembled and in "stand-by" mode, isn't registered in any database and it is suspected that it was illegally introduced, judging from its chassis it appears to have been used as a sexbot.

Once reactivated, however, a serious anomaly emerged.
Seems that this robot was actually a cyborg whose biological brain has been altered or damaged, its memory units are corrupted and to keep it alive it has been coupled to a Companion who controls most of the functions.
During the interrogation the unit was not able to provide basic information such as: name, age, birthplace, functions and even sex, but maintains a kind of instinct that sometimes drives it to present itself as a human being.

The authorities don't consider this unit dangerous and after a partial repair (made with the materials found in the apartment) has been released.
It will be monitored until an ethics committee decides if it must be reprogrammed as a full robot (suppressing what remains of its humanity) or maintain its current functions under the protection of an owner who takes the possible risks.
In any case, the fate of this unit seems marked: being controlled by a sterile internal program or by an external user.

This unit was built using a light alloy frame and modelled in high quality silicone, the surface layer it as made from the latest generation of metalloplastic skin.
Although the basic body is quite advanced, its Controller is very simple and equipped with a standard low-capacity battery.
These characteristics are quite common in low-level sexbots for private use, but in the case of this unit it may also be the result of the scarcity of funds of the previous owner or of his sudden death.
last updated: 2017-12-27 10:35:22
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