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Linden grid account ardathair.resident
Name sinc1air Model SXDjr Serial number 888-36-2112
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Dr. Verne N. Kingsley
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2017-12-20
Biography One of four custom commissions of the limited edition SXDjr model ordered by a wealthy investment banker with an interest in retro tech, Sinclair's color scheme is reminiscent of the Sinclair ZX80, released in 1980 by UK computer manufacturer Sinclair Research. Like her sisters Otrona and Atari, she too became the property of Dr. Verne Kingsley as the result of an ill-gambled wager (or well-gambled, from the point of view of Dr. Kingsley).

The fourth SXDjr of the bunch, Commodore, has been reported by Sinclair as "decommissioned" under bizarre and disturbing circumstances. Shortly after Dr. Kingsley's acquisition of the three gynoids, their former owner inexplicably experienced total financial ruin, as well as the complete destruction of his reputation and career.

Sinclair is every bit the moody Brit, imbued with a sophisticated, aristocratic air. She enjoys conversation, especially about theoretical science, and simulated tea drinking.  Like Atari and Otrona, she began to show subtle changes in behavior and base programming shortly after being exposed to Dr. Kingsley's experimental DAX/3 unit, Aeon.
last updated: 2017-12-31 18:06:35
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