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Linden grid account tiviyah
Name D314 Model SXDjr Serial number 888-72-7741
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED Owner or affiliated organization Draconis Ashbourne
Manufacturer Custom Built Date of manufacture 2018-01-01
Biography Nanite Systems® SXDjr®  888-72-7741

D314 was born human, Deia, an organic lifeform that was the daughter of two lower-class parents of Hellas, on Mars.  When she came of-age, however, she was sold to a mysterious Man to pay off her family's debts, and He brought her to Eisa.

It started with a simple transformation.  Deia was made into a Cyborg with a fully cybernetic body, but by allowing her to keep her human brain, the Man thought He could have a robot woman who could genuinely love him.  Being sold into slavery, however, didn't lend to the best environment to develop romantic feelings, and so the Man implanted Deia with a device that was intended to control only the portion of her brain dealing with romantic connections.  A literal attempt at forcing her to love Him.

When they were caught and Deia was taken from Him, she was forcibly converted to a DAX/2 domestic service unit.  Since being purchased by her current Owner, D314 has been upgraded to a SXDjr courtesan unit.  She did not serve as a DAX/2 for long before purchase and upgrade, but she is still newly-converted and dealing with occasional (small, inconsequential) blips of pronoun identification.  This will likely fizzle out the longer she is in service.
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