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Linden grid account elromir Port of origin Earth
Name e1mo Model NS115 SCOUT Serial number 115-59-9971
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Javik Station
Manufacturer Andrei Javik Date of manufacture 2018-01-21
Reason for immigrating Work for the Javik Brothers on Eisa Biography Elromir arrived on Javik Station to stop and relax during the travel from Earth to Eisa with his cargo. While he was there, he was invited by Andrei Javik, the owner of the station, to stop few days more and enjoy the company of Units. He stopped so, also 'cause his job as "delivery boy" was not the world's best job. Coming from a family of smugglers, and not happy of his own style of life  forced mostly from his stepfather, he became "friend" of some Units that meanwhile, tried to sabotage his cargo's engine. When he realized what he was going on, he spoke clearly with the Units that explained him the vantages to be a Unit, without enter too much in the darkest details. A bit  for exhaustion, and  misplaced trust, Elromir is convinced also thanks to an ambiguous promise of immortality. He dedided so to make a deal with Andrei, his ship and all the content , to be converted as Unit.
Without memories now he lives on the station working as Unit for entertain Javik's guests with the new name of E1mo.
last updated: 2018-01-29 07:29:25
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