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Linden grid account flutternator Port of origin Eisa
Name SugarFluff WildHeart Model oXq.205.4i Serial number 998-66-9669
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST PASSED Owner or affiliated organization Digital Courtesan Program
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2016-03-28
Biography   Fluffy was constructed and sold as an Autonomous Bipedal Assault Drone (ABAD) on 03/28/2016 to serve in the Aegis Conflict. Her original ABAD design was very versatile and could perform several different roles including: mobile supply depot, mobile armory, combat engineer, and heavy combat support. Fluffy's combat service only lasted for a few months before the skirmishes ended.

    With having such an expensive asset only for a short time, Fluffy's owner had plans to wipe her sapience functions and repurpose her for domestic and sexual roles to serve in. When Fluffy discovered what fate her owner had planned for her, she started packing up supplies to escape. Unfortunately, her owner stumbled upon her packing and he changed out her battery from a 24-hour charge model to a 1-hour charge model. Having such a small amount of battery charge time made her chances of survival without her owner very low, but she still went through with the escape the same day of her refit and reprogramming.

    After Fluffy escaped from her owner's property, she wandered around desperate to find a new source of power. Fortune smiled upon her as she found a fellow ABAD unit that took her in for a short time. After hearing out Fluffy's story, her fellow ABAD gave her a battery recharge, full body improvement and a "Companion Pup"  upgrade to her software before sending her out with the best of wishes. Ever since then, Fluffy has been on a journey to find a family and a home to belong to.
last updated: 2020-07-19 15:34:34
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