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Linden grid account angela.ohare Port of origin Olympia
Name NS Vanilla Model Aide and Recreational Unit Serial number 112-91-7673
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization None at current.
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2017-October- 28
Reason for immigrating Wishes to leave behind old life and start anew. Heard that the Digital Courtesans were hiring and sent an application. Biography Once a young woman named Kelly Spencer, her love of body modification ended up Landing her in hot water when a body modification "Surgeon" (more like butcher) used unsterilized, and cheap materials in her implants. The toxicity of said materials ended up causing several brain tumors to form as well as causing Kelly to need several blood transfusions due to severe Toxic Shock Syndrome and prevalent and long lasting blood poisoning. It was determined by a panel hearing by Board of Directors for the Ethical Administration of Conversion  and Robotics Therapies that Patient #46B-Kelly's body modifications did indeed cause said injuries and recommended immediate conversion to avoid further damage to the patient and improve the quality of life she would effectively lose if she were to not receive Conversion Therapy.

The following is an excerpt about the case against Miss Spencer's surgeon relevant to her case for Immediate Conversion.

"The Medical Practitioners Tribunal hereby finds the Body Modification Surgeon, one Georgeo Polanski to be ill equipped to appropriately and safely administer cosmetic surgeries to his patients. The Tribunal feels that Mr. Polanski has failed to uphold ethical practices in regards to using sub-par or illegal components in his surgeries, and a severe disregard for the health and safety for those under his care. It is with these findings that the Tribunal rules that Mr. Polanski have his license to practice be revoked and barred from practicing in future. It is also the Tribunal's advice that a US Court try Mr. Polanski for criminal negligence and willful endangerment to the health and safety to those under his care."

It has only been a few months since her conversion and she has since been cleared as a 5c convert and is to be treated as such. Any change in this status is to be taken up with Unit Registration Board and any appeals are to be submitted to the appropriate authority.

Unit has a complete medical and criminal history sent ahead of them to Eisa and should be processed as experdiently as the law allows.

The following is a excerpt from the included psychological review on the Unit:

"Unit seems to be in good spirits all things considered. Extensive medical treatment has left some mental scars, at it would anyone, however she appears to be faring well and adjusting to her new body. Unit reports that she feels much more cognizant of  events going on around her now that they, in their words. 'Don't have a bunch of brain barnacles.'  I asked her if she felt any sort of disconnection between her previous body and her current one and her response was. 'It feels strange, I know I'm me, but my body..Kelly Spencer...Is...was also me..It doesn't help that my parents held a really fucking weird hellish funeral while I'm still here. I guess I mean that I am well aware that I'm me, but a lot of people don't see it that way...To them I might as well have died..It's a bit distressing.' She seems to be a bit upset at the way her conversion has been handled by her peers, though she acknowledges she will have to deal with this for the rest of her 'life'."

Following is an Excerpt from her neurological review:

"Upon examining Miss Spencer I noted several things. One is that she was equipped with a device that fries anything connected to her that do not have the proper authorization.This model of the equipment is called ThreatFire Anti-Terror Hardware. (I only realized this after she cheekily fried two of my diagnostic boards) Two that she can and will force herself onto anything that is connected to her, popping up as a text window used by remote access programs. I don't think anyone will be foolish or stupid enough to try and tamper with this unit. Especially knowing that she is very aware of anything that tries to access her remotely or physically(Even passive nav-points), and will actively seek it out and either disable it or in her words. 'Fuck around with it until the person on the other end gives up.' To anyone who decides to try and tamper with her, good luck. She's cost the hospital 5,000 worth of medical hardware already..."

It should be noted that there are exceptions to her hardware as with all Ant-Anything software and hardware, though those exceptions are in place  for manufacture and diagnostic uses, unscrupulous people may attempt to use them as well. It should be understood that doing this will not only piss the unit off, but also make said tamperer a target by authorities and subject to a criminal sentence.

{{Note: Unit is shown to have a nasty mean streak and can and will damage property or personnel deemed a threat to itself and it's autonomy. Steps should be taken to show the Unit that NS Staff are indeed authorized personnel and that the Unit can trust and count on NS to upgrade and maintain it's body. If authorization is not properly given, or company policy is not followed, we cannot guarantee your safety when Unit reports in for regular maintenance. If you have any question please review our company policy on proper identification and procedures. Thank you.}}

((OOC Personal notes on the character:
Vanilla is very friendly, albeit in a cheeky and abrasive way, often sarcastic and outspoken. Vanilla enjoys being in crowds and among people as well as being particularly promiscuous with either sex. Vanilla is a hedonist and fully supports indulgence as long as it doesn't hurt others. She/they prefer to educate and encourage people to practice safe sex and partying responsibly. Hence why they wish to be a courtesan. Vanilla is a hugger and a kisser and likes to keep close enough to pull a person in for a hug. This character does act aggressively in a lot of ways and actively seeks to fulfill their needs if they should fall below what they deem as acceptable. This means anything from flirting to fighting, so long as both parties understand and accept the actions as mutually beneficial and do not assume exclusivity from them.  Vanilla does care about their lovers and likes to stay close t them, if only in the emotional sense. It's pretty easy to make Vanilla pissed or emotionally hurt,  and once Vanilla loses trust in someone they never truly regain that trust fully.  Lying and abusing their kindness as well as being manipulative is a great way for a person to find themselves with a angry Unit. On the flip side if she is shown to have hurt someone (usually on accident due to her odd naivete) she will beat herself up over it and try very hard to make things right. She very much believes in "Never go to bed angry or upset."))
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