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Linden grid account neeratievarsh
Name Neera Model Serial number RX-1989-B75
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Neera (whereabouts unknown)
Manufacturer SXD Date of manufacture 1989-06-16
Biography This 65cm (2'1") tall doll was designed to be an ideal companion for children.  As it was one of the earliest models, it is powered by an old fashioned wind-up key. Its personality is also quite simple, taking characteristics from its owner.  This doll was named Neera, after the first owner it ever had. and they happily spent there time together. Yet, this connection could not last as the poor doll got left behind when Yeltsin ordered all inhabitants to leave. Left alone and forgotten, the doll lied motionless till it was found in 2001 by a new owner. Yet the doll could not shake her memories of its first owner and thus was quickly discarded. Now it wanders the streets, waiting for the return of her owner.

- unable to dress or wind itself
- unable to touch control panels that are much higher then it
- basic voice functions: works slowly and can be tampered with
- overwinding may break it
last updated: 2018-04-04 11:23:56
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