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Linden grid account gordon.soleil Port of origin New Greyhawk
Name ashl3y Model Bridget/2 Serial number 998-05-5963
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Nanite Systems Corporation
Manufacturer Dionysus Biological Systems, LLC Date of manufacture 1997-06-01
Reason for immigrating Fleeing Dionysus Biological Systems, LLC Biography Decanted in the late '90s on a habitat made from a hollowed-out asteroid in the Jovian Trojans, Ashley Soleil (so named because his uterine replicator was powered by sunlight) was raised relatively normally, since everyone aboard a habitat has to contribute to its upkeep, no matter what their eventual fate is. Shortly before his 16th birthday, the reasons why he didn't look like his black-haired and comparatively burly parental figures became clear: a light freighter docked and one Vladimir Yurievitch Popov and his men attempted to seize him and his clone brothers. Apparently there had been a change in management in the section of Red Mafiya that had sponsored his creation, and the current leaders wanted to recoup the investment their predecessors had made in their new custom-built sex slaves as fast as possible. In the struggle, Ashley and five of his brothers (the ones who hadn't ended up dead during the station-wide battle) ended up stealing the freighter the Red Mafiya had sent to collect and fled the Sol system. Over the years, his brothers ended up settling down and starting new lives throughout the periphery, but Ashley loved the wandering life, the endless vistas of space, and the chance to throw down with pirates who never suspected the mechsuit kept in Storage Bay 7.

His travels eventually brought him to Eisa, where a slip of the tongue in front of Dr. Samantha Wright ended with the patents on his genetic modifications being bought, with him into the bargain. After having a DAX/2 control unit applied to him as standard protocol, he has been slowly converted into a Bridget-DAX hybrid unit. He is quite bitter about this, but manages to keep it under wraps by allowing his controller's pre-programmed responses do the talking most of the time.
last updated: 2015-11-27 00:28:49
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