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Linden grid account elarajade Port of origin Kyoto-2
Name j4nie Model Dax/2 Serial number 998-04-7588
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization New Saga Genetics
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Consumer Products Date of manufacture 2017-05-10
Reason for immigrating Looking For Work, pursuing College credits Biography Being a bright student, Bailey breezed thru school and was accepted to one of the most prestigious colleges in Kyoto2, with a full scholarship in advanced robotics. While in college she happen to meet the the professor that would one day change her life. In a brief meeting between the two, she explained to the professor her dreams, to one day use nano technology to help with the creation of new planets for their people. While finishing her college classes,  she worked as the professor's assistant to help pay for her classes and even offered to be a test subject when needed.

Preparing for her Doctorate, she stayed on as a full time paid assistant, using her free time to work on her Genesis project. One day, the professor came to her with a strange proposition. The professor knew she was working to get her doctorate in micro robotics, and offered to help, if she would go to the moon outpost for some testing with him.

She told the professor that she would have to think it over, as she had never left Kyoto-2 before. He left her a file folder of information to look over, telling her that he was leaving that night, and for her to get her immigration papers and join him when she was ready. She spent the next three days pouring over the information, finally deciding that it was worth the trip. She began the process of getting her papers, and packing the few belongings she had to get ready for her trip.

Three days after receiving her immigration approval, she arrives at the moon outpost. The professor meets her there, a strange pack like device in his hands. She looks at it strangely as he laughs. He explains that it is new technology that allows her to control the nano tech as she works with and studies it. He motions for her to follow to his lab so he may attach it.

Once in the lab, he explains it must go on her bare skin, so she removes her top and her bra, turning her back to him as he begins to clean the area for attachment. He affixes the pack to her back, hearing her hiss as the tubules sink into her skin, attaching to her spine. She replaces her bra, but finds her shirt wont fit over the device, so she just covers her chest as he shows her to her quarters.

Once there, he hits a button, after explaining what he is doing, sending the nano tech into her blood. Smiling, he tells her to get some rest and the work can start the next day. She lays down on the bed, falling instantly to sleep, her dreams deeper and more relaxing than ever, not knowing that she was being changed and could never leave the outpost again.
last updated: 2017-05-11 19:58:50
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