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Linden grid account haku.riddler.(haku.spiritor) Port of origin Earth
Name Haku Model XSU Serial number NS-100-65-3358
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer utani Onsen Kokai Kabushiki Kaisha Date of manufacture 2001 -03-09
Biography The Haku unit is a chassis modified to look like an amphibian creature.
Regardless, the rest of the unit is the same as the original.
He was manufactured in Belgium.

actually  claimed this unit received  as order from his owner to discover, register discovery, and help other living entity.

task thats this unit never stopped to doe .
last updated: 2018-05-29 21:05:40
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 6 years ago
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