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Linden grid account ruukoto Port of origin Gensokyo, Japan
Name Ruukoto Model Advanced Android Maid (Prototype) Serial number AAD-0000-P-001
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Reimu Hakurei
Manufacturer Yumemi Okazaki Date of manufacture 1997-12-29
Reason for immigrating Abandoned by Owner, desires to work at F8 Chemical Biography Ruukoto is a prototype Android Maid built by Yumemi Okazaki, a Japanese college student, as a personal project. Ruukoto was built with a few experimental features:
1. A Portable Fission Generator. This small generator requires fuel once every 50 years. It puts off high heat and low radiation. This system is integrated so deeply into Ruukoto that replacement is impossible.
2. Duranium endoskeleton. Strong and nearly impervious to chemicals.
3. Vinyl Ester based Silicone skin. Impervious to nearly all chemical agents and high heat. This extends to her "clothes", which are simply colored to look like clothes and not extra layers of skin.
4. Nanocarbon Muscles. Gives her extra strength to do heavy lifting.
5. Positronic Matrix. Used thoughout her whole body. A glitch exists in it. (See below this list)
6. Emergency Containment Forcefield Generator. Generates an emergency forcefield in the event of an imminent reactor breach  or in the event an adversary needs to be captured (such as, say, a space pirate).

Ruukoto was designed to be a Maid and work with dangerous chemicals like oven cleaner. However, an untraceble glitch occurred in her positronic matrix when she was activated, causing a personality to form and the existence of emotions and the digital equivalent of a soul. At first, it was only a minor glitch. However,  Yumemi was more than happy to dump her failed project onto a shrine maiden who desired somebody to help clean her shrine. At first, the shrine maiden, Reimu, was happy. But then she realized Ruukoto seemed to be bad at cleaning and had a personality. Being superstitious, Reimu locked Ruukoto in her shed. After a few weeks, Ruukoto's personality fully developed. Fed up, she broke out of the shed at night and made way to the nearest city. She saw an ad for Eisa Colony, and decided to visit. She discovered that the local chemical plant, F8 Chemical, was hiring. So, she now wishes to work for them.
last updated: 2015-09-01 20:47:33
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