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Eisa Station
Eisa Station is a space station in geosynchronous orbit over Eisa Colony built by Orbital Defense Systems (ODS) to house customs and immigration facilities for screening off-world visitors before their arrival on the surface. It has several docking ports for arriving ships, and one shuttle hangar, which is used for shuttles to and from the surface. Eisa Station has been inactive since February 2016 due to serious damage caused by a meteor shower. In the meantime, all non-cargo traffic is directed to land directly at Eisa Spaceport.

Eisa Station was not the moon's first space station. In early 1990, the Saerro Energy Concern (Сярроское Энергетическое Предприятие) built an orbital dock platform called Ворота Аиса (Gateway Eisa), used mostly for the offloading of mineral resources extracted on the surface. Unmanned rockets were used to send shipments to the station, which would then be unloaded by its two-person crew to await a cargo ship.

Gateway Eisa was abandoned less than a year and a half after its completion, when the Russian SFSR declined to inherit responsibility for several distant Soviet possessions, including Eisa. It remained in a stable orbit at Saerro's L1 until 2015, when ODS towed it into low Eisa orbit to serve as a basis for the new Eisa Station. Parts of Gateway Eisa still comprise the modern station.

It is rumored that Eisa Station has a twin, called Eisa Station Resorts (ESR), which is supposedly an O'Neill cylinder colony orbiting on the opposite side of the moon. References to ESR, and to the secret second shuttle that goes to the cylinder, often manifest in the press from anonymous sources to explain mysterious disappearances of individuals either under investigation by NanoSec or already in NanoSec custody.
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