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Nanite Systems
Originally founded on Earth in the early 1980s following the closure of the University of Michigan’s severely mismanaged Advanced Defense Research Group, the Company originally focused on robotics and AI control systems for military applications. They quickly branched out into weapons manufacturing and have had immense success; many colonial wars in the past two decades have been fought entirely with NS hardware on both sides.

The NS of Eisa is far removed from this, however: NS has revived its consumer products division (NSCP, which floundered in the mid-90s due to over-investment in high-quality sex dolls) and is using Eisa as both a base of operations for it and an opportunity to showcase the company’s vision of a utopia. Most travel is controlled by NS, and most people are either employed by NS or by businesses that support NS employees. This gives NS a lot of bargaining power, but it is not infinite, as the success of Eisa, in the Company’s perspective, depends on how it is perceived by outsiders.

(Note: As NS exists outside of Eisa, there is also a separate application which must be filled in for those interested in joining the company. This does not apply to privatized services like NanoSec Eisa or NSMS. See the Classifieds for more information.)

Key staff of NSCP Eisa:

  • Dr. Ai Santei, CHRO
  • Dr. Samantha Wright, CTO
  • Tamara Peluso, CEO
  • Dr. Hanna-Marie Kuusisto

  • More information can be found on NSIS.
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