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Nanite Systems Medical Services
NS is proud of the fact that top-of-the-line robot-assisted surgery is available to even the poorest members of society in Eisa, administered by dedicated androids and gynoids that are programmed for compassion at Eisa General Hospital.

It’s commonly joked that NSMS makes a “mess” of people who walk in, but in reality the overworked and underfunded units (and some humans, too) are actually quite skilled. There are rumors that not all of them were benefited by the personality update that came with the famous “SXD System 8” patch which allowed them to feel emotions, some of them may have been driven slightly crazy from all of the heartbreak they’ve witnessed both due to the harsh realities of lower-class Eisan life and the lack of adequate resources necessary to save lives.

The last director of Eisa General Hospital was Dr. Jillian Hope of Regula Robotics. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

If you are interested in the medical field or have relevant experience, please contact us immediately.
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