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The Society
The Culture Society of Eisa represents the city’s upper crust. Most wealthy individuals on Eisa are happy with how Nanite Systems runs the planet: crime stays down on the Floor, away from their precious Upper Tier, and there is ample opportunity for art appreciation, hedonism, and leisure when all of one’s needs are taken care of by one’s robotic servants.

The Society was founded shortly after NS came to Eisa in order to attract headliners to speak kindly of the company’s model utopia. Not every Society member is an ardent supporter of the company, however—for many, it is a necessary alliance, or an exploiter, or even an inconvenient parent footing the bill of their celebrity.

Following a scandal regarding its last President, Dyveke Story-Ellison, the Society officially declared that it was on indefinite hiatus. But the moon’s elite are never content to remain outside of politics for very long.
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