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conduct guidelines

‘Don’t be a dick!’

Respect the player. We’re all people behind the keys and it’s likely that even the gravest offence in character is not meant OOC. If you have serious misgivings about an exchange between your character and someone else’s, communicate.

If in doubt, ask first.

If you have a bad day, or you're in a bad mood, don't take it out on others. We understand life sucks, but this isn't the place to vent your frustrations.

Godmodding and/or godmoding

Godmodding is the act of visiting the sim as a character with setting-breaking or inappropriate powers. It is forbidden. Certain exceptions may be made for individuals we feel handle extreme powers responsibly, provided they have been vetted in advance. If you have to tear open a cross-dimensional portal to justify your abilities, however, that’s a bad sign. Simply showing up with these powers and alluding to their existence is enough to constitute an offense—they need not necessarily be abused.

Metagaming is the practice of altering your character’s decisions due to information you have discovered that they have no reasonable way of knowing. On its own, this is a minor offense, but we often find that habitual metagamers tend to act inappropriately in other ways as well.

General Etiquette

If you are using a robot controller or other faster-than-light drive made by NS, you emit a warp bubble after teleporting that causes harmful radiation interference to robots around you for about a second. Please arrive at least 10 m away from crowds when teleporting, and use this ability sparingly.

Don’t engage in heated discussion of real-world philosophy, religion, politics etc. anywhere in the sim, nor in group chat. These topics are almost certain to rapidly degrade into arguments, and even if it seems like everyone agrees with what you're saying, there's probably someone in the corner being very quiet who is going to hold a grudge forever because of what you've said.

Please, avoid too much OOC chatter in the non-OOC designated areas (see next section), as well as textspeak. Try your best to stay in character as much as possible when in IC areas.

Take time to communicate clearly. We're not expecting everyone to have gone to Harvard, but being able to understand a partner is integral to roleplay. (Obvious exceptions for broken robots whose entire point is to be hard to understand.)

Don't harass people if they're looking for privacy. If two people are off in a remote, secluded place, or a room with a closed door, make contact with them in IMs before approaching, unless you know them or have something planned in advance.

Avoid laggy and extremely oversized avatars. No avatars or vehicles larger than an average middle class home. Please consult our orb of wisdom (next to the front desk at NS) to see if your avatar is considered overly laggy (reported as 'krw'), and feel free to ask sim staff on advice on reducing that lag.

Don't attempt to play musical chairs with moderators or admins. Attempting to re-appeal a decision or ban because you feel one is "mean" or another is "nice" is a big no-no and will probably backfire. We all talk to one another, and do our best to keep the sim orderly and fun for as many people as possible.

Gesture-spamming, music players, dancers, and other forms of noise pollution are not welcome. The OOC areas around the NS shop are very close to the roleplaying areas of the sim, and so any loud sounds have a high chance of bleed-over. This creates a hostile environment for older roleplayers. We make an exception for sound systems like the ER robot sounds and our own robot ambiances that enhance the character itself, but please don't mistake our sim for a Safe Hub where anything goes. If someone asks you to reduce your sound output, be courteous.

Designated Visitor and OOC Areas

The NS HQ building is simultaneously central to many RP plots and prone to OOC breakages due to visitors to the store.

Clubs like Diagnosis and Club io periodically hold events and parties which will hopefully be adequately epic to attract off-world tourists.

Be careful when responding to or interacting with people in visitor areas ICly. We recommend that you treat anyone not wearing a suitable tag who is obviously attempting to RP as a visitor from off-world when in these zones.

If someone is talking OOCly outside of a designated OOC area, gently encourage them to use ((double parentheses)).

Please abide by the limits and desires of people you’re RPing with. Check the sim status report, at the NS front desk, to see what the desires and status of active RPers are, and more detailed information is available on their character sheets on the site. Each flag on the character sheets clearly states what their implicit limits are, so PLEASE don't violate them. Doing this repeatedly or being overly aggressive without asking/knowing will result in speedy ejection.

All of the above are relaxed during special non-RP sim events: @beacon (NS support/info sessions, usually localized to Eisa Botanical Gardens) and the annual Treasure Hunt, which is usually held in autumn.


In general, if there is a crisis that must be dealt with, all of the admins currently online will be involved in making a decision. If for some reason the decision is too complicated for the present staff to handle on their own, you may be asked to refrain from roleplaying on the sim temporarily until a more complete judgement can be reached.

Changes and other advice

These are not the only things that may potentially result in ejection. We try to keep the rules list as comprehensive as possible, but as in the real world, laws must be continually updated to meet the people's needs. We will do our best to make sure that there are no ambiguities about expected behavior on Eisa and that this document remains accurate and clear.

What can and can't I play?

See this page for more rules regarding acceptable characters.

Rental Rules

If you're renting in Eisa or plan on renting in Eisa, please consider the following:

  1. All objects should be rezzed under the Eisa land group, "Eisa". This means you must have a registered character. See Immigration and Customs for instructions.
  2. No media objects or music sources. This means no YouTube TVs, dancers, or radios. These produce a lot of sound and can often be heard throughout the sim, and media is particularly awful on clients if loading a plugin is necessary. Note that some furniture can include web browsers on pop-up screens surreptitiously; ideally these should be stripped. This goes along with our general no-gesture-spam rule, above. There is an exception for the "video dress" products sold by NS.
  3. No breedables: these generate a spectacular amount of latency, and script time is already at a premium in the sim because of vendors, NS main controllers, and other effects.
  4. Please speak to the administrators before setting up vendors or anything that brings in money. Outside of the NS building, Eisa is a roleplay sim, and we do not want it overrun with other traffic.
  5. Do not place objects outside of the area you have rented or take over a building without consulting the administrators first. Publicly-visible decorations or objects are subject to aesthetic veto if we feel something degrades the experience of the sim.

Judging Book Covers

In the real world, Don't judge a book by its cover is a common English proverb that means we should not ascribe personality traits to someone based that person's appearance. For example, a broken nose does not necessarily indicate truculence, though it may tend to be present in people who get in a lot of fights.

In Second Life, people get to control every aspect of their appearance, and while there are plenty of "gentle giants" who subvert expectations, experience has taught us that it is generally a mistake to cut slack for, or entertain doubts about, avatars who wear their identities and beliefs on their sleeves. As any bartender knows, you have to throw out the folks wearing red armbands, or soon, no one else will come to your bar.

Consequently, there are specific red flags that our administrative staff will respond to in avatars and profiles if we believe they indicate a propensity for toxic, griefing, or hateful behavior. If you are trying to turn over a new leaf on your trip to Eisa, we recommend giving your profile a once-over to clean up anything that would necessitate uncomfortable scrutiny.

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