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new year's party


When: Dec. 31, 2015, 11 PM SLT to Jan. 1, 2016, 1 AM SLT
Where: Indigo Creek City Park (city center)
DJ: Samantha Wright

This will be worth it. I promise. Come or you'll regret it!

8 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2015-12-29 21:52:48 · link


It's that time again. Join the NS and Eisa gang tomorrow (or, for most people, today) at 2 PM for our first event of November. Satellite monitoring detected a massive electromagnetic anomaly over the planet's southern hemisphere, far from the colony, and preliminary reports have detected some of the strangest geography we've ever witnessed, plus evidence of ruins. So, naturally, we're going to dance in them while the archaeologists get to work!

While science has seriously speculated on the existence of alien life for decades, and was validated in recent years by discoveries of microbial mats on distant worlds and finally plant life here on Eisa, we have never located evidence supporting the existence of alien creatures—with the exception of a certain tiny mermaid, whose origins we are unable to confirm or deny. The ruins aboard these islands present our first glimpse of what the universe might look like if the sky were not merely mankind's domain.

8 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2015-11-07 01:23:19 · link

midnight sunrise

The cleaners are on the way to purge Eisa of the slime green menace that has plagued the colony for close to a month. In collaboration with Dr. MacKenna–Nakamura, NanoSec C-1 has produced a proprietary selenic acid compound, Se-RZ, that has proven effective at destroying the cuticles of Zooticarpita eisae, the unclassified mat-forming microbe that appears to be the product of military experimentation. The FBI are cooperating in our ongoing efforts to identify the laboratory and company that originated this pathogen.

Tests have shown that Se-RZ exposure has negligible long term effects for either Eisan or Terran organisms, and so we will be hosting a party out doors to celebrate the end of the Green Reign of the Green Rain.

Come down to April Voet Memorial Park tomorrow, Oct 31, from 2-5 PM SLT for music, dancing, and an excellent opportunity to reflect on all of the crazy things we done did this past month! The treasure hunt will also be officially ending, with most or all items in the hunt scheduled to become available in the store over the course of November, albeit in better and more polished forms. After the dance, we'll be hosting a Synchtube marathon, which may or may not be the start of a new regular tradition of streaming video—we'll see how that evolves as November carries on.

Important: The final shrine will not be unlocked until after the hunt items can no longer be found. If you want to unlock the special final item with your receipts, make sure you've found them all by 12 PM SLT on Oct 31, 2015. Here's a complete list of everything in the hunt:

  • amy voice gestures 2
  • rotomatic holosculpture
  • metalloplastic poison
  • slider telegadget (magina)
  • NS logo bellyring
  • instructor nanochip
  • pleated ankle hovershoes
  • extra-short battery
  • fortune teller
  • t0ri's disk drive
  • chipped horns
  • baovveche coin
  • rainbow fireflies
  • missing robot head
  • missing robot legs
  • missing robot arms
  • memories of holly shampoo bottle
  • fullstop pistol
  • flamethrower
  • MS-2100 beta shield
  • Tam's taser
  • heart icon
  • shampoothrower
  • zooties infection tattoo
  • metalloplastic moonlight ivory
  • demo stand
  • rainbow RP titler
  • C4 Brick + Thrower + Detonator
  • FSD Walls & Doors Kit
  • Plus a special secret bonus item that will be accessible via the shrine.

The shrine will stay open until Nov. 7.

8 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2015-10-30 20:14:12 · link


The colony is overrun with slime green carpet, and the war for Eisa continues. Heavy losses on both sides have been reported following the recovery of shipments of flamethrowers, plasma pistols... and fabric cleaner.

Tomorrow, join us at the moderately more reasonable hour of 1:30 PM SLT in the newly-renovated Commune of the Zooties, on the north side of the Tier for a dance in celebration (or revilement) of our new self-spreading overlords. DAX/2 apr1l (998-73-0643) will be DJing!

In treasure hunt news, the release schedule has been progressing more slowly than expected, so we're pushing the timeline back. The hunt (and the Zootie Conquest) will continue until October 31st. Who will be victorious? Get in on the action and find out!

8 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2015-10-24 00:39:47 · link

Halloween Hoe-Down/Day of the Zooties

Tonight: you! ...are going to listen to live music and begin to scour the land of Eisa Colony for treasure during the first night of Shampoolapalooza 2015! Every night we'll be adding more secret trinkets around the sim, waiting for those both wary and clever to find them. And stay tuned for the unveiling of our bonus feature, a turf war between the incorrigibly infectious carpet and the loyal, carpet-fearing folk of Eisa.

For those of you unfamiliar with the mysteries ways of the Zootie, you are highly encouraged to watch this mandatory training video. All the way through. No, seriously.

The dance—and the hunt—begins at 8 PM SLT, with live music by esteemed singer ProfessorShowbiz. Come down to the Landing Pad to get your groove on! Our treasure hunt will continue throughout the week, culminating in an exciting ceremony next Saturday during yes, another dance. Bi ghood!

8 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2015-10-17 17:53:49 · link

Sleep Tight, Eisa.

Get ready for some more chills! Bring your stories down to the campfire this Thursday and we'll vote on who's spookiest for a cash prize! 20 minute limit; consider pre-writing anything that won't fit in that time. Also, we'll be starting off by presenting some stories that were left over from last week. The fire lights at 4:30 PM SLT, so there's lots of time to get your tale in!

8 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2015-10-14 20:29:33 · link

The Haunted Loom

The Loom sings! Join us this Saturday, Oct. 10 at 5 PM SLT for dancing and a Halloween costume contest—L$2000 to the best look, L$1000 to second place, and L$500 for third place, all decided by popular vote. Wondaland's in the process of renovations, and there's a nice new underground dancefloor to check out! (Well, it's actually the same dance floor, but it's underground, so that's pretty cool.)

8 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2015-10-09 21:21:01 · link

Eisa October Events Schedule

Oct 819:30 SLTGood Night, Eisa.everyone invited to presentThe JunkyardGhost story night
Stories recommended 10-20 minutes
Oct 1017:00 SLTThe Haunted LoomDAX/2 apr1l DJingDanceWondaland
Costume contest (popular vote)
Oct 1516:30 SLTSleep Tight, Eisa.everyone invited to presentThe JunkyardGhost story night
Stories recommended 10-20 minutes
Oct 1720:00 SLTThe Day of the ZootiesNS-115 jun3 DJingThe Landing PadDance
Start of treasure hunt
Live music by ProfessorShowbiz!
Oct 2413:30 SLTZootielandDAX/2 apr1l DJingCommune of the ZootiesDance
Treasure hunt half-way point
Oct 29TBASweet Dreams, Eisa.everyone invited to presentThe JunkyardGhost story night
Stories recommended 10-20 minutes
Oct 3114:00 SLTMidnight SunriseDr. Wright DJingApril Voet Memorial ParkDance
Synchtube marathon
Scrapbook reviewing October
Final treasure hunt prize unlocked for those who found all items
End of the treasure hunt

8 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2015-10-30 19:14:21 · link


Get ready for some chills! Contact Dr. Wright or Miss Peluso if you'd like to present one or more stories at the campfire this Thursday. (Latecomers are totally welcome, though.)

8 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2015-10-03 12:47:20 · link

Green skies are coming

Bizarre weather is quickly becoming a staple of Eisa.

Meteorologists believe that the turquoise-green cloud currently blanketing the colony and raining what appears to be cyan-colored snow over our streets is the culmination of the spawning process of a form of unknown algae mat which reconnaissance has detected far off the shore, to the west of the archipelago. Biologists are calling this a once-in-a-lifetime event, most likely triggered by the unusual severity of the typhoon that passed over the colony a few weeks prior. The spores are believed to be harmless so far and are much too large to inhale, but dust filters should be installed over any exposed ventilation systems, including DAX/2 and SXD units, to ensure optimal and safe continued operation.

Do you like Halloween? No? Too bad! Eisa needs you anyway! All throughout the month of October we'll be running a mishmash of various events sure to send chills down your spine, including ghost story nights, costume contests, treasure hunts, and more! Stay tuned for more updates.

8 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2015-09-30 15:16:38 · link

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