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Tai Yong Labs
Tai Yong Labs

Tai Yong Laboratories is a subsidiary of Nanite Systems, specialising in both the production of cutting edge drones and the research & development of new and improved drone technologies. The Tai Yong Labs campus at Eisa houses a top of the line drone production facility, in addition to one of the sector’s most high-end research laboratories.

Join the Tai Yong Labs team today.

POSITION: Researcher
JOB DESCRIPTION: As a Tai Yong Labs researcher, you will be at the cutting edge of technology. The Eisa colony offers boundless opportunities for the advancement of science and may drive the next leap forward in scientific discovery. Tai Yong Labs requires dedicated, driven individuals, who understand the scientific need over all else.

When you join the Tai Long Yabs research team, you will:

  • Be involved in the research and development of new drone technologies.
  • Be part of the team researching the local Eisa flora and fauna in an attempt to unlock exciting new industrial applications.
  • Be responsible for maintaining existing experiments, while creating and developing new experimental technologies of your own.

POSITION: Drone Technician
JOB DESCRIPTION: As a drone technician, you will be responsible for building and programming the top of the line drones that Tai Yong Laboratories is best know for. From parts to completed unit, you will be intimately involved at all steps of the production process. In addition, your tasks will involve the care and maintenance of existing models, providing excellence in service to our customers.

Tai Yong Labs also offers a number of lower level staffing positions. These positions include on site accommodation and living facilities. The ideal candidates should be driven individuals, with little to no outside ties. These are life changing positions for those with the courage to take them.

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