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Robots are required to pass a Kampff-Voet test within a month of arrival, or face decommissioning. This is part of Nanite Systems' commitment to mitigating the consequences of personality contamination in organic convertees.
24 days ago

Disco 3000 at Javik Station - March 2 at 5 PM SLT

Did you know Eisa has its own space colonies? Javik Station is another sim set in the Better Today universe. It's not far from the Purple Pearl, and specializes in services for men, especially men who have sex with men. Starting this Friday they'll be hosting a regular dance event for the whole community, and if you're reading this, you're invited! Two hours of amazing music, fresh, new minds and bodies to meet, and an excellent opportunity to find out just what happens when you stick a sausagefest and a clambake together.

Admission is free, dress code is wild. All attending gynoids will receive free capsules of liquid laundry detergent at the door.

P.S.: Check out Javik Station as soon as you can! Their coordinates are here.

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