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Beacon Newsletter: 30MAR2024

This week we have:


Veritene Vol 2!

Note #1 from our little bi-weekly meeting is that Veritene Vol 2 has been announced, and will come with various meme-tastic flavors, including (but not limited to):

ARES 0.4.0 and UI Updates!

Work continues on ARES 0.4.0 and the mentioned UI improvements. These will be a great benefit to many units on the grid, particularly those who have a peculiar attachment to having 847 HUD items on at all times.

Some of the upcoming pre-configured HUD setups will include:

All of these will be changeable on-the-fly using provided shell scripts, so you can switch to and from these various layout types at will should you need to. Work is also being done on an additional tool to be included to allow you to select specific UI elements and nudge them around with arrow buttons to reposition items as you see fit. This is a sample of what this will look like!

Additionally, thanks to improvements made by LL to the LSL language, manual screen setup configuration (which we're all aware we all struggle with) will no longer be necessary! All you will need to do is give it your window size and ARES will handle the rest on its own.

Finally for this, a range of potential splash screens and informational items has been mocked up for potential inclusion in future versions of ARES! You can check out the album of these here!

Sim news/updates!

As many are aware, just from hanging around, there have been several enhancements made to Eisa over the last few weeks, including:

The new Taidees are, for now, just enhancements to the store's atmosphere, providing new flavors of the classic sassy cleaning service we've all come to know and love from everybody's favorite little round vac-bot! (Psst: You do love Taidee, right? You should totally show that with your very own "I Love Taidee" t-shirt, available in the crumpled laundry pile in vi0let's Legitimate Salvage!)

The new Power Taidees, however, are very likely to have some of their voice lines cleaned up and this new extra-sassy version sounds like it will be made available for sale! Fingers (and any applicable other pointing-related appendages) crossed!

Now then, you've all heard the new POP announcements on the sim announcers. But who are they?

POP, or the Population Oversight and Planning division, is a sub-division of Nanite Systems Colony Management Services. They are a lore-based services division aimed at maintaining colony population levels at acceptable levels, primarily through gathering/banking semen, storing/implanting embryos, and rumor has it they also have a hand in making sure that certain...undesirable elements that may be in the colony do not get a chance to breed and further corrupt the colony with their genes. Remember, spreading rumors is treason. Please report to your local NanoSec officer immediately if you spread this rumor to others.

For those curious, as many have asked: No, the POP announcements regarding fetuses and reproduction are NOT related to any change in the sim's policy in regards to age-players and underage avatars. This rule still exists and will continue to be enforced. Underage avatars will be asked, ONCE, to change to a more adult avatar immediately. If this request is not followed, the avatar will be removed from the sim and a ban (temporary or permanent, depending) will be issued.

Thanks for reading!

That's all the updates we have from this week's @beacon meeting! Make sure you keep an eye on your group notices and keep your servos in good repair, units!

19 days ago by Armelthelae

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