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Robots are required to pass a Kampff-Voet test within a month of arrival, or face decommissioning. This is part of Nanite Systems' commitment to mitigating the consequences of personality contamination in organic convertees. (What is a Kampff-Voet test?)
a month ago

A New Chassis for the Puddle Zone.

Nanite City, Eisa -- Visitors to The Puddle Zone's southern Upper Plate location after last Saturday's protests may have been surprised to find it moved. The small arcade/theater, managed and operated by local courtesan m3w, has been a popular social hangout for Nanite City residents, particularly on Sunday's double-header movie nights, with popular movies such as "Blade Runner 2049" and "Wall-E".

m3w's establishment is not gone, however, it has simply moved to a newer, larger, Streamline Moderne site in the northeast corner of the Upper Plate. Most of the contents of the old location have been retained, including the security guard, w3m, and the Monopoly-board dance pole, but some new features have been added, such as a bar and... doors. Hopefully, this new space and layout will continue to contribute to an open, welcoming culture in Nanite City.

vi0let has even upgraded from a chair on the roof of the old location to a van (with Nanosec-approved "Free Candy" sign) on the roof of the new location!

For more pictures about the new arcade, click here!

by. Void Node
last updated: 2018-07-02 17:44:13 ยท link
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