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Beacon Newsletter #4: 17FEB2024

This week we have:

Progress Aplenty!

Main Controller Retrofit Progress & ARES 0.3.1

Well, the new year has come and gone, and our wonderful corporate overlords have been hard at work getting ARES more and more functional and available to us masses!

So far, we've seen retrofits for the following main controllers:

We're more than halfway through the list! Soon all shall be able to partake in the glory of the future with ARES! Speaking of, some news regarding some more improvements coming in the upcoming 0.3.1 update include:

Future ARES function to-dos!

Additionally, information was shared about some upcoming future functionality updates for ARES, including:

CX/Supervisor Leaving Availability

Since, as mentioned, we're more than halfway through the list of the existing main controllers being retrofitted for ARES, the day has come for the sunsetting of sale for the CX/Supervisor.

The decision has been made that the Supervisor will be no longer available for sale as of 11PM SLT on 18FEB2024. Group notices should go out informing everybody of this final deadline to show your dedication to ARES testing and be part of the cool kids' club! Grab one before they're gone!

Feature Proposals

Finally, we have notes on a few feature enhancements that were proposed by g4latea, our most lovely sim janitor/overseer/secretary. To wit:

3 days ago by Armelthelae

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