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Linden grid account rina.apfelbaum Port of origin Mars, Eridanus
Family name Apfelbaum Personal name Rina
Affiliated organization Independent Martian Defense Force
Place of birth Berlin , German , Earth Date of birth 1979-05-07
Education and work history English Basic
Standard Education Basic
Robotic Engineering Basic
Control System Basic
Military Basic  (Spend time in the martian military 5 years)
Energy Weapon Handling Basic
Zero G  Suit Basic
Hostile Environment Suit Basic
Genetic modifications none, was too old to be genetically modified Synthetic modifications Full Body Modification Combat Chasis Aegis Except for the brain Reason for immigrating Looking for Jobs Biography Like everyone else lived in earth then start to try to find other places where she can live , earn a good pay which lead her toward mars toward Eridanus.

She apply to work as a military force for martian defense force as the new settlement is enticing the prospect of spreading out rather then staying in the part of mars that is overly crowded or highly infested with criminal element is good.

She got accepted and spend time patrolling and guarding the base there , saw a bit of action during the hard time where she was deployed with other robots/androids there she got clipped pretty bad by unknown hostile force, they can't make out who they were.

They are just heavily armed and seem to be able to intercept the patrol route a group that doesn't want them to spread out in the southern hemisphere of mars for unknown reason.

Due to emergency procedures as they need to work with what they got and at that time is of the essence. They grafted the brain toward an empty shell of an android aegis model. She is housed in there forever.

It took her months to be able to function like a normal human again. She feels odd.. as if she is floating and not in her body.. she feels as if it was a dream.. nothing seem real.. as if she is watching a movie..

Once she have able to move around adequately she was once more deployed to the front line.

The enemy which is unknown, that keep ambushing and harassing the attempt to maintain the foothold on the new settlements fights with no restraints everything is valid and okay with them every dirty trick in the book they use you name it they use it. Nothing to dirty for them to use, they fight without even the slightest thought of geneva convention.

The oxygen is limiting factor when fighting outside the dome where the android seem to have advantage in that they can just surround and suppress them till they give up. But as stated before when they surrender they use it as a ploy to self detonate and kill off expensive experienced androids that is going to take months to replace.

From the original platoon up till now she was the only survivor not that because she is experienced no but because she had that AEGIS full body , near full body , just that her brain is inside that thing.. which she is glad, her metallic prison is her savior.

Off course her family already think of her as dead.

She then head toward Eisa as she heard that there are plenty of opportunity to earn credits without risking her own safety that much.

last updated: 2018-07-07 15:20:08
Rina Apfelbaum
posted 5 years ago
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