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Linden grid account sevvestra Port of origin Utopia Colony
Family name Dawn Personal name Sevvestra
Affiliated organization Former Independent Martian Defense Force NCO
Place of birth Basilisk Station Date of birth 1982-03-05
Education and work history Low Gravity Combat Training
Basic Robotics Engineering
Hazardous Environment Training
Close Combat Specialist Training
Intermediate Cybernetic Implant Maintenance
Personal Flight Equipment Training
Genetic modifications Specialised species modification (Equine) Synthetic modifications Enhanced spinal support, Right arm prosthetic, Cranial targeting systems, Fifth limb prosthetic (Tail/Actuated Gripper), Adrenal Booster/Medical Nanite Injector (Left Arm), Miniature Fusion reactor (Left side of stomach), Armoured Systems Controller (Spinal Mount) Reason for immigrating Retirement to private employment, Post Independent Martian Defense Force Service Biography Born aboard an IMDF Station to unknown parents, Into an inevitable military lifestyle....Aggressive, But controlled tendencies even at a young age, Never knowing another way, often throwing herself into situations far beyond her capability with a reckless craze. Into her teenage years, a burning desire to serve, to fight, to travel.....Her passion for cybernetic enhancements soon developed after her enlistment within the IMDF, Receiving her first of many, mere months into service.

Many years into her long service....her experimentation with genetics began, falling into strange and increasingly crazy depths...her eventual and permanent modification into her current equine form, committed and finalized by black market geneticists within the Utopia Colony, Financed by her numerous years of service, saving and background dealing in cybernetic implant parts, Her eventual decision to leave Mars driven by a desire to explore a new world once more.
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