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Linden grid account l0ki.luik Port of origin O'Hare International, Earth
Family name Luik Personal name L0ki
Place of birth Houston, TX Earth Date of birth 08/27/1986
Education and work history Finished general education early by 2002 with a 4.0, dabbled in many college courses for computer information systems, advertising, business, mechanical engineering and many other random courses bouncing from one to the next never completing a degree out of boredom and never felt satisfied.

Military between 2005 and 2009 attained rank of Captain.

Career Freelancer.
Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications Right arm is bionic, ocular implants, many bionic organs (Heart, right lung, liver, right kidney) due to trauma Reason for immigrating employment/Vacation Biography L0ki always maintained good fitness and became a career student out of high school for many years accruing large amounts of debt. She ended up joining the military in the year 2005 out of boredom and to hopefully pay off some debt. After attaining the rank of Captain and doing three tours over seas she received an early discharge under honorable terms in the year 2009. Obviously needing something else to keep her entertained she begins looking to the stars, having heard of wonderful frontiers to be explored.

After some time L0ki was able to gain transit off world. Managing to get to the moon and running short on money she started looking for work. Fighting was the only thing she had true experience in from her stint in the military so she posted herself as a freelancer for hire.  After doing this for a few years she gained a name for herself and became sought after for security positions and acquisitions. In all her spare time protecting cargo ships she studied various subjects be it space travel, gene modding, piloting vessels, etc all to keep her mind sharp and out of general curiosity, trying to find her niche, her thing, where did she belong?

By 2016 L0ki had a comfortable savings and was starting to get an itch. Having traveled around on various freighters and shuttles protecting goods, VIP's, and the like she had been to many different planets and moons. Seen many stations from Olympia, Elysium, and Utopia on mars, to the various stations located on the moons of Saturn. Still not quite feeling happy with herself. She found a contract, a very vague contract that would lead out to Sylva. She hadn't been that far before but recalled reading an article about a geneticist that had been at large and thought maybe if they hadn't found them she could help investigate, a fresh set of eyes so to speak. She had studied Genetics a lot, maybe she could help with the crop issues even.

After accepting the contract to Sylva and signing all the paperwork L0ki was contacted a few days later and introduced to the large freighter she signed up to protect. It seemed like a normal hauler, nothing conspicuous about it, but she was part of a larger team than what she felt would be necessary.  Setting off she had an uneasy feeling about the trip, the air just didn't feel right. Shrugging away the ominous feeling she done her usual pre-trip walk about on the vessel, familiarized herself with the team and layout of the ship, and then went and settled in to her quarters she was assigned. Everything was quiet the entire trip until a day from their destination. Waking up to a blaring alarm she dressed and rushed to the helm only to be ambushed by a human, no... A robot! It had caught her off guard and twisted her arm with immense strength to the point of shattering multiple bones. Fighting through the pain L0ki pulled her side arm and dispatched the threat. After a harrowing fight against multiple combat units trying to clear the ship she had finally collapsed after sustaining a gunshot wound to her right collar and one to the right side.

L0ki had to undergo extensive modifications. From the right collarbone down her arm is completely cybernetic enabling a large number of functions. Due to such extensive blood loss and lack of transfusion material aboard the rescue ship her blood is now composed mostly of nanites that have been programmed for the same function as both red and white blood cells, carrying oxygen and fighting off bacteria and infection resulting in a heightened immune system and repair rate if she is harmed. Because she was technically deceased for so long her heart and many other organs were damaged beyond repair, therefore extensive modifications have been made to allow her to be fully capable of maintaining a beyond normal lifestyle. Her motor functions and her senses heightened to nearly peak human capabilities.
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